Timbercraft: Custom dovetail drawers delivered to metro New York and New England in 5-7 days.

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Dovetail layout details
The illustrations below show how drawer height affects the machining and appearence of a dovetail joint. Heights ordered between X-7/16" and the next whole inch will result in cutting through the drawer's top edge.

Drawer heights requested between X-7/16" and the next whole inch can be produced by reconfiguring dovetailing machines, resulting in an appearance like the 5" example below. Machine setup charges would apply.

Other custom option specifications

Description: Dovetail layout details | Undermount slide notches

Drawer pulls: Ships pull (scoop front) | Round finger pull | Oval finger pull | Scalloped side pantry | File rail notching and aluminum rails | Bread box notch and lids | Custom color logo and graphics | Top edge profile

Custom options: Sliding cutlery insert | Cutlery insert | Cutlery insert with fixed dividers | Cutlery insert with removeable dividers | Removeable spice rack | Cabinet door storage |