Orders completed in 3-5 days.

In 15 years we have never been late.

Our Lean manufacturing practices eliminates the need for expedite surcharges. Never had them, never will!


In 2005, we completed our training and began implementation of Lean Manufacturing Practices throughout our operations. In 2014 we purchased and designed our manufacturing operations to conform to these lean principles of eliminating “waste” throughout our operation. The combination of the two is why you want to purchase your drawers from Timbercraft. Find out for yourself!


Manufacturing only one product allows us to concentrate our continual process improvement efforts in one small area…improving the value of the drawer boxes our customers receive. We do not have doors, moldings, hardware, or nested-based manufacturing concepts to distract us.


Our efforts are focused on meeting the drawer requirements of the small to medium size cabinet makers located throughout the Northeast. This regional focus means freight costs are minimized and orders arrive at your shop the next day, delivered by the same carrier that picked up your order. We only use direct carriers.


To support rapid order turnaround we maintain substantial amounts of solid Maple and Birch lumber in our warehouse in order to meet demand for a few or a few thousand drawers.

Raw Material

We purchase only select or better grades of Maple and Birch for your drawers. Unlike cabinet door manufacturers we don’t recover scrap wood to use in drawers. This is one of the reasons why Timbercraft does not offer a value, budget, or economy grade drawer. Learn more


We own the most modern and versatile CNC dovetailing and drawer processing equipment available.


Custom designed software and lean manufacturing practices support our commitment to shipping your orders typically within 3-5 days.

Orders completed in 3-5 days.
In 15 years we have never been late.