Working with cabinetmakers over the last 20 years has given us a unique understanding of the value we must provide our customers in order to build strong relationships. Most importantly that your orders are always completed within 3-5 days. In support of this we are continually improving our processes and making considerable investments in our people, equipment and materials.

Scoop Fronts

Standard scoop is 5” wide x ¾” deep.

(Lipped front is an option on all drawers)


Bread Box Drawer

3/8”thick Birch plywood lid is included. (Please specify if lid is not required)


Removable Dividers

• Removable dividers are housed in DADOs.
• Layout is made to customer specifications.
• Typically, inside divider spacing minimum is 3 ½”


Scalloped Sides

Standard rise begins 30% back from drawer front

Standard drop is half of the Height (Ex. 6 1/8 in back down to 3 1/8” front)

Customized side dimension require drawing.

Additional set up fees may apply.

(Lipped front is an option on all drawers)

U-Shaped Drawer

Typically used to accommodate plumbing fixtures. All corners are dovetailed. Nothing is butt jointed. This drawer is highly customized.

A completed specifications template is required. Please download or request from us.

(optional) Scooped front


Spice Tray Inset

• Typically made to fit specified drawers.
• If purchasing without drawer specify depth & width.
• Minimum Depth: 16” Maximum: 24”.
• Minimum Width of 12” applies for pricing purposes.

Pot, Pan & Lid Storage Drawer

Please supply sketch showing divider quantity and spacing dimensions.

Divided Drawer

Typical layouts below


Custom layouts available (drawing required)

Dividers can be built and installed to your layout and specifications

File Drawer

Can be configured for either letter and/or legal files.

File Rails Front to Back:    

Minimum drawer width for Letter files is 14 ½” O.D. Double rails 27” OD-width

Minimum drawer width for Legal files is 17 ½” O.D.  Double rails 33”OD-width

File Rails Side to Side:

Minimum drawer depth for Letter files is 14 ½” O.D. Double rails 27” OD-depth

Minimum drawer depth for Legal files is 17 ½” O.D.  Double rails 33” OD-depth

Minimum height is 10 3/8” " File Rails sit flush with top edge and are included

Sliding Upper Storage Drawers

Minimum Drawer height is 4 1/8” high

Sliding upper drawer min. ht. is 2 1/8”

Customer must specify sliding drawer dimensions.

Trash Pull-Out Drawer

• Typical front height-18”
• Back height-9 1/8”
• 3/8” thick UV finished bottoms