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The following design options are available.

If you have any questions or want more information about these specs or your own custom options please call us at 800-345-4930 - we're here to help.

Bread Box

Custom Spice Tray Inserts

‣ 5/8” Thick Clear finished Birch plywood
‣ Typically made to fit specified drawers
‣ If purchasing without drawer specify depth & width
‣ Minimum Depth: 16” Maximum: 24”
‣ Minimum Width of 12” applies for pricing purposes
‣ Pricing: $4.00 per width inch

Cutlery Insert & Divider Options

Removable Cutlery Inserts
‣ 5/8”thick material
‣ No dovetails
‣ Flush inset bottom

Hanging File Rail Notch & Aluminum Rails

min. outside width for letter = 14-1/2”
min. outside width for legal = 17-1/2”
min. height = 10-3/8”
Rails are inset to be flush with drawer height

Dovetail Layout Details

The scale drawings below will detail why our drawer heights need to fall between X-1/8″ and X-3/8″ high.  As illustrated heights ordered between X-3/8″ and the next whole inch will result in an exposing a dovetail cut.

Drawer heights outside the above parameters can be produced but would incur additional machine setup charges.

Drawer Pull

Side Scallops

Square, Flat, Topped Edges

Standard File Drawer Rails

Front to Back

U Shape Drawer

Lateral File Drawer Rails

Side to Side
‣ 1” x 1/8” Aluminum rails are inset to be flush with drawer height. T
‣ File folder tabs may protrude above drawer height up to 5/8”.