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Our Lean manufacturing practices eliminates the need for expedite surcharges. Never had them, never will!


We purchase only select or better grades of Maple and Birch for your drawers. Unlike cabinet door manufacturers we don’t recover scrap wood to use in drawers. This is one of the reasons why Timbercraft does not offer a value, budget, or economy grade drawer.

Drawer Side Thickness:
• 5/8” only


Top Edge Profile:
• 1/16” radius top edges. Sides are recessed 1/16” below front/back
• Square flush top edges are available


Bottom Thickness:
• 3/8”-Baltic Birch only


Bottom Inset:
• 1/2” Std.

Drawer Box Sizes:
    • Height Ranges:
      Birch – min: 2 1/8” / max 12 1/8”
      Maple – min: 2 1/8” / max 11 3/8”
      Note: Drawer heights exceeding above maximums can be manufactured up to 22 3/8”

    • Width or Depth:
      Birch – min 3” / max 58”
      Maple – min 3” / max 43 3/4”


Finish: 100 % solid UV coating. A hard and consistently uniform defect free finish that is solvent free eliminating outgassing associated with sprayed lacquer finishes.


This hardwood is specially selected for its clear and uniform color, straight grain, minimal defects. It is unique in its similarity and appearance to hard Maple, yet more economical.


This light vanilla to sand colored hardwood is specially selected for its uniform color and minimal defects.